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Great late deals and impartial guest reviews on thousands of UK hotels.

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Places2stay features over 15,000 hotels in the UK and around the world that offer incredible savings on their standard rates. You can book online and pay when you check out or pay in advance and thanks to our users providing honest feedback you can book with full confidence that you are getting great value for money.

Business Travellers

When you need a last minute hotel room in a place you have not visited before you can search our system for hotels based on their proximity to the place you will be working. You can then review their prices, facilities and guest reviews to ensure the hotel you are booking has everything you need.

Late Hotel Deals

Make your budget go further with places2stay. Imagine getting a £150 a night hotel in London for £45 or stay in 5 star luxury in Manhattan in a £500 a night hotel for £180!

The biggest issue people have with getting a bargain is that they feel if it's that cheap, there must be something wrong with it. Well our impartial reviews from previous guests will let you see just how good the hotel, staff, facilities, comfort, food and value really are and give you the confidence that you are getting a genuine bargain.

Why so cheap?

Hotel rooms are like seats on a flight - if they are not sold, the business loses money and getting something for the seat or the room is better than nothing. And of course they will hope that you spend extra while you are there, in the bar or on room service etc. But whether you do that is up to you.